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2916iafflogo.jpgThe Professional Firefighters of Spokane County Fire District 9 received its IAFF charter in September of 1983. The district hired its 1st paid firefighters in 1972; however the 3 members were non-union for 11 years before we chartered.

Local 2916 unionized with 14 people: 3 dispatchers and 11 firefighters. Two years prior to becoming a union, the department hired the first paramedics of District 9. FF/PM Rick Kartevold, Rick Oliver, Bill Carl, and Gary Mauri were all hired in 1981 as the locals 1st Firefighter/Paramedics.

This marks one of the 1st progressive movements the fire district made by stepping outside the traditional roles of the fire service, and hiring Paramedics to staff the completely new ALS Squad which responded on all the medical alarms inside the department.

At that time, management had a work agreement with its paid employees. The firefighters had an association, which was better than nothing, but did not have the bargaining power of a union. Although there were numerous members that had a part in the organizing of the Local, one key member was instrumental in this process. That was FF/PM Rick Oliver. Rick also was elected to serve as Local 2916's first President. Not to long after the Local's start the first contract was negotiated and signed.

This initiated the start of fair compensation and safer working conditions for not only the existing paid firefighters, but for future firefighters as well.

Throughout the Local's history there has been key events that have shaped the union's operations as well as its numbers. For example, in 1983 when Local 2916 chartered with the IAFF, we had 11 firefighters and 3 dispatchers who all operated out of one station.

Today, we operate as a Local incorporating professional firefighters from two fire districts; Spokane County Fire District 9 and 10. District 9 now includes four, 24/7 fully staffed stations and one part-time station. District 10 includes one fully staffed station during day-time hours. Local 2916 now has 55 active members.

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